BA Degree Project 2020, Konstfack University
A washing machine that grows with you.

Marti is a sustainable washing unit that is designed with durability and longevity at it’s core. It is modular, customisable and easy to repair with the aim to encourage longer usage lives of washing machines. This is done through a system of product and service.

Current linear economic models under which most appliance manufacturers function produce cheap products with short shelf lives, that have to be replaced frequently. Marti recommends a newer approach to the way we manufacture. Rather than designing for discard, it promotes designing for longevity.

Winner - Industrial Design Category


The alarming rate of growing e - waste and it’s unsustainable effects on the environment were my motivations to work on this project. I began researching about this project by making several site visits to e- waste dissassembly and recycling centres around Stockholm, documenting and interviewing personel working at these places.


A ubiquitous household appliance, the washing machine currently sees a fall in its service life to a mere seven years, with valuable and finite resources being lost to the landfill faster than ever. The reason? Mechanical obsolescence and barriers in repair make helpless users as far removed from the process as possible.

Repair Workshops & Co Design Sessions

The workshop focused on finding issues surrounding repair/ replacement and relationship of users with their washing machines and electronic home appliances. From the workshop, the participants of diverse backgrounds, talked about feelings of frustration, helplessness and intimidation while trying to repair their broken products.

Disecting Key Issues & Exploring potential solutions

Service Map

Works as a subscription model with Manufacturing brand - annual fee for repair and replacement - promoting active relationship between buyer and manufacturer. 

Purchase & Installation

The self assembly process is done so that the user has knowledge about each component’s placement and can easily reach back incase of repair and replacement.

Incase of component breakdown

Part Replacement


3rd June to 10th June 2020
Bric á Brac storefront, Mariatorget, Stockholm

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