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Deep Shadows

Experience Design for a Children’s science musuem

An immersive experience and exhibition design, Deep Shadows teaches kids aged 6 - 14 the phenomenon of Additive Mixture in light through a set of sliding RGB light submarines that they move around and play with in dark. This experience was designed for the Light & Shadow section of Tom Tits Experiments Musuem, Södertälje.

The Team
Eugenia Rosina, Axel Abrahamsson, Swasti Sethi

The Interaction & Semiotics

The Space

The setting is a completely white room that transforms into a colourful ambience due to the effect of additive mixing of lights from the submarines and reflections from fish and corals. 

The Phenomenon

Additive Mixture is a phenomenon that occurs in light where the darker RGB colours when mixed, create lighter shades untill they all combine to create white light. The aim of the experiment at Tom Tits Experiments was to teach kids about this through an interactive and semiotic experience.

The Process

We began by interacting with the earlier experiment at Tom Tits Experiments and used the help of our target users to find issues in terms of semiotics and interaction .

One of our initial ideas to improve the space was by creating large immersive cylinders however on creatinng prototypes we found they stole too much attention from the phenomenon of mixing of light.

Testing Prototypes

Later we created mockups that just emphasized on the mixing and interaction with light to form different colours. This was tested with our students from Vittra School and received positive responses.

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